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Hello! I hate third person bios.

My name is Jareth, and I am an EMC and SAG eligible Los Angeles based actor and performer. I have lived all over the United States as an actor, but am originally from Colorado Springs where I earned my degrees in theater, dance, and political science from The University of Colorado, (UCCS).

I am a firm believer in finding what you love, and pursuing it. I understand for myself that creating is essential, and in that spirit I try to create as often as I can, in as many different ways as I can. 
This ranges from touring as Jack Sparrow at Renaissance Festivals, to navigating classical blackbox theater, to being a drummer for over 2 decades, to stand-up comedy.

I am always looking for challenges and new experiences! 

I also love sports and cooking, and will accidentally spend too long talking about both of them.  


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